6 Top Best Music Distribution Companies In Nigeria


Check out the Top Best Music Distribution Companies In Nigeria!

 Are you searching for the Best Music Distribution Companies In Nigeria or for Nigerians?

 Welcome to Gospelscoop.com as we present to you a list of 6 TOP BEST MUSIC DISTRIBUTION COMPANIES IN NIGERIA (or for Nigerians)!

 In today's publication, we are looking into 3 Best Music Distribution Companies In Nigeria and 3 Best Music Distribution Companies accessible in Nigerians.


 Many years ago, music distribution was with great limitations for independent Music Creatives in Nigeria and some other African countries.

 In the past, fellow ministers of the Gospel in music like myself, and others were looking forward to getting the best Music distribution services for their songs.

 Fortunately, this has become a reality as many independent music distributors have be created to help the independent musical content Creators with distribution.

 On this list are six best music distribution Companies both from our personal experiences and previews.

 It is obvious that among the six, only one will serve you better. Therefore, we encourage you to visit each network and find out what others are saying about their services before you decide which one is best for you!


1. FreeMeDigital.com

 The first distributor on our list of Best Music Distribution Companies In Nigeria is Freemedigital.com

 FreeMe Digital is a popular music distribution company in Nigeria with a fast growing number of labels, artistes and other content creators. 

 As a music distribution network, FreeMe Digital distributes music for placement on top music streaming and downloading platforms like Apple Music, Boomplay, Spotify, YouTube, Vuclip, Vevo and much more!

 As a perfect end-to-end global music distribution partner in Nigeria, freemedigital.com offers distribution for many genres including gospel music, Hip-hop, Afropop and much more!

  • They have different prices for different distribution plans.
  • Free ISRC and UPU code.
  • Dedicated clients support services.
  • Bank payments for revenues generated and more.

Visit FreeMeDigital.com for more information on their services.

2. Fresible.com

 Fresible is a technology industry in Nigeria that offers different digital services including marketing and music distribution.

 As a global music distribution company in Nigeria, Fresible trades music digitally on 90+ music platforms online.

 These platforms include MTN music plus, Shazam, Boomplay, Apple Music, Spotify, Tooxclusive, Deezer and more!

  • They offer three difference payment plans.
  • Free ISRC and UPU code.
  • Support customer care service.
  • Revenue payments to bank at request.

Visit Fresible.com for more information on their services and plans.

3. Viralplaylists.com

 Viral Playlists is one of the digital music distribution companies in Nigeria with the aim of empowering black independent music creatives in the industry.

 They offer music distribution and promotion services in Africa, and likewise promote the culture of the people through their services.

 Viralplaylists.com assures an easy setup and affordable music distribution across top music streaming and downloading platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, Boomplay, Amazon Music, and many more.

 According to Viral Playlists Digital, "You get to keep 100% of your sales revenue and rights" of your songs through their distribution service.

  • One time payment of 3990 naira per single.
  • Free ISRC and UPU code.
  • 100% revenue payment.
  • Plus customer care services and more.

 Visit Viralplaylists.com for more information on their music distribution services.

4. Tunecore.com

 Tunecore is global music service provider for independent creatives in the music industry.

 The services they render, ranges from music administration, distribution and promotional services.

 As a Gospel Music Minister who has distribution a single through Tunecore music distribution, I found them to be very expensive. At the same time, I find their services to be good for those who can afford them.

  • Tunecore charges $9.99 per single with yearly renewal.
  • Support customers service.
  • Revenue payments is through PayPal.

 Although Tunecore is a service by Believe, with headquarters at Brooklyn, New York, it also offers distribution for Nigerians!

Visit Tunecore.com for more information about their services.

5. Distrokid.com

 DistroKid is a music distributor that sells your music online and sends the revenue generated to you.

 DistroKid.com distributes unlimited singles and albums across streaming and downloading platforms such as Apple Music, Boomplay, Spotify, Amazon, iHeartRadio, YouTube, Instagram and much more. 

 These and more are the services of Distrokid at a yearly fee of $19.99 for unlimited uploads!

 Fortunately, distrokid.com is available and accessible for Nigerian music creatives to distribute their music abroad!

  • Unlimited uploads for only $19.99 yearly.
  • Free ISRC and UPU code.
  • 100% revenue payments.
  • Support customer care service.

Visit Distrokid.com for more informations concerning their services.

6. Trac.co

 Trac is a music distributor and administrator that assist the artists with the roles of major record labels.

 Trac.co offers a free distribution service for beginners while also offering paid services with additional benefits for those interested.

 They distribute music to most streaming and downloading platforms. For example, Spotify, Deezer, Apple Music, SoundCloud, Amazon, to mention but a few.

 Currently, I am using their beginners plan for the distribution of my song, "Pray For A Better Nigeria." And I've had a good time working with their great support team!

 One good thing is that with any plans you choose, you keep 100% of revenue gained from your music.

  • Free and paid plans available.
  • Free ISRC and UPU code.
  • Support customer care service.
  • Keep 100% revenue.
  • Revenue payments is through PayPal.

 I personally recommend this music distribution company for Nigerians but encourage you visit Trac.co to get more information on their services.

 Aside these, if you have any suggestions to make, kindly do so in the comment section.

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