Top 5 Christian Videos For Kids

This is our list of Christian Videos For Your Kids!

 Are you a Christian parent looking for Christian videos for your kids or children? brings to you TOP 5 CHRISTIAN VIDEOS FOR YOUR KIDS OR CHILDREN.

  It's a good thing to know that even with the increase in the production of movies not conducive for kids or children to watch, some inspired Christian brothers and sisters have taken it upon themselves to produce something for the moral development of the children!

 This means parents won't have to worry offer the state of mind of their children as long as they watch Christian Videos Made For Kids!

 Isn't that interesting? Yes it is. And below is a list of Five Christian Videos For Your Kids! They will definitely love it!



 This is a product of Phil Vischer, featuring Duck Denver and his friends as they journey through the books of the Bible.

 What's In The Bible is a TV series video show which teaches kids from Bible stories!

 Stories like that of Noah, Moses, David and even the story of Jesus, reveals the great plans of God to rescue mankind.

 In this movie, Phil Vischer uses these biblical stories to present the redemptive story which is made for the entertainment and education of kids!

 What's In The Bible is number 1 of our Top 5 Christian Videos For Kids!

2. 3-2-1 PENGUINS

 Have you heard of 3-2-1 Penguins? It is a Bible teaching cartoon for kids.

 Being a seasonal show, 3-2-1 Penguins with its episodes has helped a lot of kids to learn various Bible verses while having fun!

 Over the years, 3-2-1 Penguins have been able to instill in children, moral lessons which some have appeared to testify.

 That's why 3-2-1 Penguins is number 2 of our Top 5 Christian Videos For Kids!


 Veggie Tales is a Christian based movie with many episodes. One of which is "Where Is God When I'm Scared?"

 This episode of Veggie Tales presents the story of Daniel in the Lion's den. Written and produced by Phil Vischer, Veggie Tales retells a biblical story.

 According to the tales from the Crisper, Junior was seen as the scared one after he watched Frankencelery.

 In this video, there are biblical characters represented in the play with Larry also starring as Daniel in the Bible.

 Veggie Tales is number 3 of our Top 5 Christian Videos For Kids!


 While searching for Christian videos for kids, I came across this serial drama called, "Adventures In Odyssey."

 This serial show is made for children ages 8 through 12. It brings to life, biblical principles through a balance show of imaginations with the inclusion of faith and fun.

 It contains series like The Pilot, Finding A Way, Life Expectancy, and much more.

 Furthermore, Adventures In Odyssey is number 4 of our Top 5 Christian Videos For Kids.


 This is an animated Christian video show for children.

 Hermie and Friends, written by Max Lucado and directed by Rick Eldridge, features the voices of Tim Conway, Brad Avery, Tai Anderson and others.

  As an animated animal series of stories in 13 episodes, Hermie and Friends shows the Adventures of a Caterpillar called Hermie with his best friends on different scenes, proving God's existence. 

 Hermie and Friends is the number 5 of our Top 5 Christian Videos For Kids!

 All these videos are available on CDs and DVDs. They can be purchased on Amazon store, and watched on Apple TV, Netflix as well as on YouTube.

 Do you have other Christian Videos For Kids which you would like us to add to our list? Mention them in the comment section. 

 Stay blessed!

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