Steps To Create and Verify A Spotify Artist Account For Free


Learn how to create a Spotify artist account on Gospelscoop.

Are you search for How To Create Spotify Artist Account For Free? How about how to verify your Spotify artist account for free?

 Welcome to as we present to you steps to create and verify your Spotify artist account for free!

 Are you a signed artist or an independent artist, looking forward to have a Spotify artist account and access the insights of your release on Spotify streaming site?

 If you are signed by a record label, you don't have to worry because your record label will take care of that.

 If you are an independent artist, you've got to first of all make sure that your song(s) are on Spotify before going further to How To Create A Spotify Artist Account.

 Take note: if your songs are on Spotify, automatically an artist profile is created on Spotify with the name of the artist of the released song.

 What's next is getting access to the artist page which represents your brand with your songs on it.

 A Good Tip For Independent Artists Especially

 Don't create an artist name which already exist. 

 Be very careful when choosing a name for your band or artist. 

 Make sure the name you chose is creative and unique.

 If the above mentioned are ignored, you may find your song(s) on another Spotify artist's account profile and that would be another work to get done.

How Do You Get Your Song(s) On Spotify

 As I previously said, before you can create a Spotify artist account, you need to have your songs already distributed on Spotify.

 Now, "how do you get your songs on Spotify?" should probably be the next question on the mind of an independent artist who hasn't already distributed their songs on Spotify.

 Well, if you've followed me accordingly, you should already have known that you need a distributor to get your song or songs on Spotify.

 That said, you can get your songs on Spotify through music distributors or distribution companies.

What Are The Recommended Music Distributors For Spotify

 Some of the music distributors recommended by Spotify itself are;

  • CDbaby
  • Distrokid

 Those two are recommended by Spotify particularly for independent Artists while there are others for record labels and the likes.

 In addition to Distrokid and CDbaby, Gospel Scoop recommends Tunecore and Trac

 When once you have your songs distributed on Spotify and on other platforms, copy the link to your song on Spotify and claim the artist profile. 

 Steps To Create A Spotify Artist Account For Free

1. Create An Account

 If you haven't created an account, go to Spotify for artist and create an account. You can equally do that through your distributor.

 If you've already created an account, you then have to login and continue.

2. Search For Artist Name

 After logging in, you will see a search box like the one in the image below. 

Creating and claiming your Spotify artist profile has never been easier.

 Search your artist name and it will be displayed. 

3. Request Access By Claiming Profile

 Identify and click on your artist name, and request for access into the profile by claiming artist profile.

 Now Spotify will review your request and get back to you by email.

4. Update Your Artist Profile

 After you receive an email of your approval, the next thing to do is login and update your artist profile. 

 In updating your artist profile, you need to fill informations like artist photo, artist biography, description and social media links etc.

 From here, your Spotify artist account should be set and profile fulling accessible by you!

 There you go! If you encountered any issues or have any questions concerning this guide, kindly ask them in the comment section.

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